Why It’s Important to Clean Windows

The importance of clean windows should also not be overlooked. They brighten the whole house by letting in much more light. Ask any real estate salesperson about the importance of cleaning windows when selling a home. They will tell you it’s very important. It makes the whole house look better. For example: Which looks better, a clean car with dirty windows, or a clean car with clean windows? It’s similar to that.

Over the winter months, road salt gets crushed by cars traveling over it and forms a fine dust. Window cleaning removes that. Acid rain can etch into windows over time if not removed on a regular basis in some cases. Regular window cleaning can remove dust and smoke from windows making for easier breathing inside the home. What may take you 2 days to clean on your own, can be cleaned in hours or less by us because we are very efficient at cleaning and have all the proper tools and techniques to properly & efficiently get the job done right the first time.